Roderick Eli Briggs

At 60 - Detail - Rod Briggs

Roderick Briggs (March 30, 1927-July 26, 2017) was an artist and educator who exhibited throughout Southern California and was a prominent member of the Long Beach art community for over 60 years. His work is part of the Long Beach Museum of Art permanent collection and Brigg’s work was included in the LBMA Downtown Seven Decades of Art in September 2019. His detailed photo-realistic style of oil painting evolved over decades, showcasing scenes in and around Long Beach, and highlighting his meticulous attention to detail. With a unique eye for imagery among the ordinary, he captured varying landscapes that some would have overlooked or deemed mundane. From his perception come scenes that evoke particular moods, showcase change, contrast varying elements, and chronicle the history of the Long Beach area through the mid to late 20th and early 21st centuries. Brigg’s work covers many different periods and styles, from textured abstract expressionism, interactive experimental sound paintings, “raked” three dimensional canvases, watercolor landscapes, sculpture, and realism amidst urban and suburban sprawl. sometimes evoke themes of isolation and loneliness amidst urban and suburban sprawl. His oil on linen canvases invite the viewer to contemplate the scene, and the story behind it. Others challenge us to see overlooked and commonplace landscapes with new eyes and from a different perspective.


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