January 7 – February 3, 2024:


The Long Beach Creative Group announces ambitious plans for 2024, including an exhibition of fine art created by local tattoo artists, another curated by Marie Thibeault that explores color, The Power of Visibility: an open call connecting with the vibrant LGBTQ+ community, and a celebration of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics) by local high school students.

Right now, there’s an ongoing open call for artist submissions. The exhibition, This Is Not A Pipe: What Is Reality? invites artists to explore the intersection of art and language, construct surreal realities, and challenge perceptions. The deadline for submissions is January 24, 2024. Interested artists can submit work at http://bit.ly/LBCGPipe

Opening on January 7, Tatu Tabu will feature working Southern California tattoo artists who go beyond the tattoo studio and apply their amazing skills to their personal artwork. Participants include Long Beach legend Kari Barba, owner of Outer Limits Tattoo, Alan Padilla, Rino Gonzales, Tom Berg, and Sergio Sanchez of The Artistry in San Pedro, Shawn Barber and Christina Ramos of Memoir Tattoo in Los Angeles, and Jhon Gutti of Deer’s Eye Studio in Santa Fe Springs.

“Tattoo culture has influenced new movements in fine art, including pop-surrealism,” said LBCG president Marka Burns, “and we’re looking forward to showcasing their work in the Rod Briggs Gallery.”

Advisory Board member Carlos Cordero helped to coordinate the exhibition. “We really enjoyed meeting the artists, and visiting their studios,” Cordero said. “I think everyone who comes to the gallery will be thrilled by the work.”

There will be an artist reception at the opening, from 1-4 pm on Sunday January 7, and several special events. On Sunday January 14, Stories Behind Tattoos invites people to share their deeply personal stories. Changing Perceptions, a discussion panel organized by Kari Barba of the historic and cultural significance of tattoos, will take place on Sunday, January 21. The community is invited to Movie Night on Friday, January 26 at 7 pm, featuring a screening of the 2013 documentary, Tattoo Nation, which follows tattoo pioneers Charlie Cartwright, Jack Rudy, and Freddy Negrete. Tatu Tabu runs through February 3. All events are free.




Upcoming Exhibitions


March 2 to March 30:

This Is Not A Pipe: What Is Reality? 

This open call explores the concept of perception and reality through the lens of Magritte’s series, “The Treachery of Images.” The central question posed by the exhibit challenges viewers to reconsider their understanding of reality by questioning the nature of images. Artists are encouraged to delve into the connection between language and images, showcasing contemporary surrealism and magical surrealism. This is particularly relevant in our electronic era, as we sift through a barrage of images daily, and grapple with the implications of AI and images that exist only in an ephemeral state. Submissions will be accepted through Wednesday, January 24. To submit work, visit http://bit.ly/LBCGPipe 

April 28 to May 25:

In Color

Guest curator, Marie Thibeault, is inviting artists who explore the many possibilities of color, not as a secondary thought, but as a venture of the highest importance, placing intrinsic value upon this most critical device in painting. These artists use color to communicate emotion, empathy, memory and embodiment. Color will be immersive, evoking imagery through light, building chromatic complexity, and conveying imaginative spaces that can be seen and felt.

June 22 to July 20:

The Power of Visibility: Boldness in LGBTQ+ Art

This open call connects with the vibrant LGBTQ+ community and provides much-needed representation and visibility. Their artworks will shine a light on their stories and struggles, and give voice to their unique perspectives and lived experiences. Better visibility will promote acceptance and understanding, as a step in advancing equity and social justice.

August 18 to September 14:

Annual Show Shakeup

Each board and auxiliary member will invite one artist to join the exhibition—preferably someone who has not exhibited with us before. Board members will provide special events for artists, including how to mat and frame artwork, how to hang a show, tips in applying for open calls, and how to talk about the intention of their work.

October 12 to November 9:

STEAM: Artistry Unleashed

The exhibition celebrates the imaginative and inventive nature of S.T.E.A.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics). It highlights the role of Long Beach as Space Beach. The artwork can encompass a variety of art, like kinetic sculptures, light installations, data-driven artworks, enlarged microscopic images, and representations of climate change. A guest curator will invite artists who explore the intersections of these disciplines, embracing scientific knowledge as a powerful tool for artistic expression.


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